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31 January - 2 February, 2019
Goa University & The International Centre Goa

Difficult Dialogues is an annual forum examining issues of contemporary relevance in South Asia.

Difficult Dialogues 2019 will focus on what can be done to rescue India’s education sector and set it on the path of excellence. Education is one of the most powerful and effective instruments for reducing poverty and inequality because it has beneficial effects on both, the health and incomes of individuals as well as of society. What does the poor state of education mean for India in the 21st century? There is growing concern that India will slip behind in the knowledge sector in relation to other developing countries if it does not suitably address the deficiencies in the education sector. The path to becoming a great power – which India aspires to – is by strengthening the education sector.

The conference will bring together civil society, media, academic experts, activists, and people working at community level [in education, health, labour, law] with government and non-governmental organisations.


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